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Cannabis Real Estate Agent with Huss Real Estate
Stacey Papadakis Cannabis Real Estate

Stacey Papadakis is a Strategic Consultant specializing in the development of Compliant Commercial Canna-Business operations. Stacey has consulted for several publicly traded companies in the sector and has facilitated multiple transactions representing both buyers and sellers. During her first 90 days consulting in various cannabis related ventures, she successfully generated $20MM+ in contract revenues & sales. Stacey has quickly become a reliable and highly sought after trusted name in the industry. Stacey has also served as a development and/or turnaround catalyst/change-agent for many companies and organizations of every size and in many industries. Gifted with strategic foresight & a vast array of life experiences, her talents & triumphs have allowed her to successfully pursue many different professional verticals, offering her skills on a consultative basis. Stacey loves giving back and is an avid donor & volunteer to organizations helping animals and people in need. There is no project to difficult for Stacey as her eclectic resume proves her strong execution abilities and superior capacity to perform.